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Working from the inside out

to create a better you.

You deserve greatness!

Are you trying to reach a specific health goal, only to fall short of your expectations? Do you eat nutritious foods and exercise, only to be discouraged with the weight on the scale? Have you been watching everyone else find success, and now you’re ready to create your own? When I chose to become a health and wellness coach, I had a desire to show people that becoming healthy doesn't have to be something that is too “expensive” and “too hard”.  I want to help you achieve more than ever before by providing a clear plan, guidance, and accountability to empower you to accomplish your goals. My focus is on organic clean nutrition, fitness for all levels, and gaining emotional health awareness. 

Create your Healthy body now!


What people are saying

Alisha helped me completely change my views on eating well and getting into shape! She helped me realize that eating healthy doesn’t mean that you can’t eat things that don’t taste good or aren’t flavorful. She helped me realize what was healthy to eat and what wasn’t but never made me feel that I was depriving myself. She also gave me great workout plans and ideas that made me feel the best I had felt in a really long time. Alisha’s positive attitude and outlook on life rubbed off on me and helped motivate me to be a better version of myself. I had more energy, more positivity, and felt more confident with myself. She is amazing!
— Allison Calmus
Alisha’s energy is contagious. She is highly motivated and just being around her makes me want to lead a healthier life. She’s a beautiful person, inside and out, and anyone who trains with her is very lucky indeed.
— Tracie Nath