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Leaving my safe place


A blog about health and wellness, inside and out.


Leaving my safe place

Alisha Meyer

It is 6 days until we move, 6 DAYS BABY! (FRIENDS quote) And the tears have not come....because I am doing everything I can to not think about how MUCH I'm going to miss my family here. I have made so many incredible relationships with people all over Sioux Falls (okay, this may be where I start to shed my tears). The Bakery has become my family, the people there have such a heart for finding their own passion, and just doing it! I connect 110% with SO many people there, that I do consider them family, and family to me is everything. I hope you all are reading this, and know how much you all mean to me, and how much I will miss seeing you every day, laughing with you, hugging you, sharing my ideas and hearing yours, going out with you, and just being in your presence. I love you all so very much in so many way. I love you for your passion, your heart, your drive, your humor, your love for helping people, and being you and letting me get to know you all!

The family I've made during my work experience here in Sioux falls, also has been incredible. Those friends have befriended me when I was brand new here! My first job was at Plains Commerce Bank, and I remember my first day, I was so nervous. Zack and I just moved here, and I knew only my sister in law, Chels, and Jason who roomed with Zack, and Emily who went to UMM with Zack and I. When I entered into the bank that first day of work, I had multiple feelings. I felt excited I had my first big girl job, nervous, and a bit shocked I landed such a good job my first interview. My first day during lunch, I walked across the street to the market for some food, by myself, and for the first time in what seemed like forever, I ate alone. Now, don't feel to bad for me, I was okay with it, because it was a moment in time when I was alone with my thoughts. I was able to read during lunch, call Zack and tell him how great it has been going so far, and just enjoy my alone time. Plains Commerce was more of a fun job, then anything. I got to know such great, and talented people, who still today are my good and dear friends. I even watch their children when they need a date together! I love you Janean and your whole family!

I guess what this blog is about, is how much I love my Sioux Falls family! I will never ever forget you, our memories together, our laughs, our hugs, and how much you mean to me! I don't want this to be a good-bye, this is a I love you, and I will see you all soon! xoxoxo to my family!