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It became real...


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It became real...

Alisha Meyer

It's becoming so real. For the longest time I thought I had 3 more days to say my good-byes to everyone....and then last night Zack told me after we pack up, we are leaving Sioux Falls. We will be going to his parents to unload our stuff into storage, and leave once that is done. Meaning...time is going faster to our adventure than I expected. I am beyond excited, but that's all I can think about now, making me feel those sad feelings I have been holding back the whole time. I know I need to cry, and I know I want to cry, but I guess I am holding them back until the day we leave. I want to enjoy all the loved ones I am surrounded by every chance I get.

Today, I wake up to my alarm clock like normal, and remember I am on our mattress because Zack took down our bed frame the other day. The sound of the quietness makes me want to stay in bed a little bit longer, but then I remember that I could possible launch this website TODAY!  That most certainly gets me energetic enough to get out of bed and get ready for the day! I can't WAIT for you all to see this website, it truly is one of the most special and gratifying moments of my career, and I'm honored to share this with you all!