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Looking back in the rear view mirror


A blog about health and wellness, inside and out.


Looking back in the rear view mirror

Alisha Meyer

As our alarm clocks went off this morning, we both let them go and sleep for another hour. We both knew what was ahead of us, and we both had the same thought....I don't wanna do it! After we eventually got up and got our day started, all we had for food was left over pizza from last night, so that is what we had for breakfast. Mine was organic, so it made me feel a tad bit better for eating it....but still hated to start my day with that. I don't want that to happen throughout the trip, so tomorrow we are going to the market here in Cottonwood to get a few things for the trip. After we packed up our things, and loaded everything up, we took the picture you see above, and said our goodbyes to the first home we created together as a husband and wife. The journey ahead is going to be so worth doing, but saying goodbye is always hard. 

We slowly traveled to Cottonwood MN, where his parents are, and we are staying here for the night. We went through a ton of our boxes and got rid of more stuff, otherwise we would never get there with our one vehicle. We have to put our storage things in the unit tomorrow morning, and then we are off to Pella, Iowa to Sean and Miranda's -best friends of ours-. 

I do not want this journey to be a time to eat crappy, so the market tomorrow is crucial. I also want to point out a fun tidbit about our midsections before I go. If you do struggle with midsection weight, it is most likely a sign of hormonal imbalance. We need to eat foods rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and quality ingredients to help this issue, and prevent an issue like this from happening. An easy one, and one I plan to do in a very short moment, is SLEEP! "One night of poor sleep and you already disrupt your cortisol production. Miss as little as two hours of sleep a night for three nights and you can increase cortisol by 50 percent!" Talbott from SHAPE Magazine explains. We need to get  8 hours of sleep a night or at the very least, making sure that the six hours you do get is as deep as possible. FUN FACT- if you don't get that much sleep, having a 2 hour nap reverses the cortisol effects of crappy sleep the night before. Even an hour is great! So just tell your boss you need a nap, or you will not work as efficient :)

GOODNIGHT my loves! Get a great nights sleep, it's for your own good! <3