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When life isn't easy....


A blog about health and wellness, inside and out.


When life isn't easy....

Alisha Meyer

This will forever be a day I will never forget. Zack and I woke this morning thinking we would unpack our items into our storage unit, and be on our marry way to North Carolina. Then life happened, my mom called. Normally, this is a daily thing, but this call was different. I knew right away when she spoke the first word to me, "Alisha" (in a sobbing voice) something was up, and I began to cry...

My mom, tried calling me 4 times, but I left my phone at Zack's parents. She then called Shelly, his mom, who then called Dane, his dad, and told me to call my mom immediately. That word, "Alisha" led into "Travis was in a very bad car accident and was air lifted to St. Cloud hospital." My crying began to turn into uncontrollable pools of tears, which led into words I still don't understand. I was in such shock, that I barley remember the conversation with her. I got out of it that he was in a terrible accident, he was ejected from his truck, and he needs to be air lifted. Anyone who knows those words can only believe that the damage to the body, is everywhere. Zack and Dane finished unpacking what was left, as I grew numb. Numb from the cold, numb from the call, just numb. We got my clothes, said our goodbyes, hugged (a lot) and were on our way, to what was the longest ride of my life. I bawled the whole way, as Zack held my hand talking me through what I should expect to see, and how God will protect him. His words were reassuring, and helped, but nothing could stop the tears. 

Travis is my brother, we share the same mother, and have been through a great deal of other trauma together, that I won't go into. But as we parked at the hospital, my heart rate increased tremendously, and my tears turned into more, in which I didn't even know I was crying anymore. As we were right outside his door, I met my sister Becky (bless her heart- she was there from the beginning giving the doctors all the information they needed because mom was in Flordia and dad was in South Dakota-and were on their way) and we all walked in together. I tried to brace myself as we approached Travis's room, but nothing was going to brace me to see my little brother beat up, cut up, and in a coma. The tears turned into heavy, not breathing reaction. Zack and Becky comforted me, as I calmed down after I was able to hold his hand and talk to him. He is able to hear us, but can't respond. 

The day turned into emotions after emotions. We learned Trav had broken his whole left arm, and shattered his elbow in multiple places, bruised lung, huge gash above his eyebrow, cuts and bruises and was put into a coma for rest and pain control. Trav was on his way to work when he feel asleep at the wheel, crossed into the next lane and hit the side of a semi, spun and hit another car and was ejected from his truck and landed in the ditch. He flew out of the window with his arm (that broke) making him protect his head from possible head trauma. He is what you call, saved by an angel. After his first surgery, (one of many) the surgeon was not able to put his skin on his elbow back together because the bones were protruding out, and he didn't have enough skin to patch up.

We ended the night with a surprise, the night shift nurse told us they were going to wake him up for a little bit to help him feel and move his toes and fingers. My whole families heart rate spiked! What!? You are going to wake him up!? We all gathered around the bed, as we waited, said personal prayers, and held his hand for him to wake up. After what seemed like forever, his eyes began to twitch...and we all began to cry and say "Hi Travis, we are right here with you!" He started to move his arm, and we calmly told him to remain still and calm, and that we are all here for you...he nodded. The nurse made him wiggle is toes, fingers, and nod his head. He did so great at all of those! We all told him we loved him, and to not talk. He began to panic a little, and my mom (as all moms do) used her angel voice and said "Travis, it's okay, we love you so much and you are doing so great, just relax and everything will be okay" Travis nodded his head, and started to be put back under for the night.......we said our goodbyes, kissed him, and said we will see you tomorrow.  <3