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We can breathe again <3 Praise be to God

Alisha Meyer

The day began knowing that Travis would go in for surgery at 10am, and prayer at 930am by his bedside. Zack and I rushed to get here in time for prayer and to hold his hand and tell him that we love him right before they took him. We did make it, but my heart was racing the whole way to the hospital this morning. As we approached his room, they were getting ready to say his pre-surgery prayer. As we all took one another's hands, and gathered around his bed, a prayer towards God and His angels was said.

They came and got him around 11am, and started on him at 11:45am. The surgeon came and told us before he started that he believes this is the most difficult elbow surgery he has ever seen, and that he should expect to be out of work for awhile, and will have a long road ahead for recovery. What helped us remain calm, was his soft voice, and gentle explanation. We walked down to the waiting room, for what came to be a much longer surgery than anyone expected. Travis was not out of surgery until close to 5pm. The surgeon came down to give us an update on how it went. He stated "this was the most difficult elbow surgery I have ever done." He said Travis has a long road ahead of him, won't be to work for around 3 months, lost a lot of cartilage in his elbow joint, his ulna was broken, and the humerus bone by the joint was broke. The surgeon also said that his elbow basically was in powder form from all the breaks. He is lucky to have an arm right now.

As we waited until around 6:30pm to see him, we began to grow anxious. Anxious to see how he is doing, to talk to him, to let him know we are here, just....anxious. When the nurse came to let us in his room, it was as if we all had a fire under our butts. That is how fast we got out of our seats to power walk to his room. Mom, dad, and Marisa were the first ones in (slowly ease Travis awake) and then few minutes later we were all to come in. Let me tell all of you reading this, THAT WAS THE BEST PART OF OUR LIVES! Travis was so happy to see all of us, he knew exactly who we were, he told us all multiple times "thank you for being here for me, I love you so much" As tears poured out of our eyes, Travis began to make us laugh with his humor that we all are so blessed to know. When he saw Phillip (brother in law) he put his good hand up with a sign for what only they know, and said very loudly "PHILLIP MY BRO!" and they hugged. He made funny remarks to Jimmy (brother on the phone) that the nurse was not that attractive (again, humor most get) and then he said "oh, she's not in here is she!?" We all busted out laughing, because he was so full of LIFE, he was Trav! Travis began to realize where he was slowly, and was told he was in a very bad car accident. He then asked if Marisa was with him, because he didn't want her to hurt. She was not, and Travis was so grateful for that. He mentioned he had a nightmare while under, that she past away, and he began to choke up. We reassured him she was not, and she is just fine. He shook his head with understanding. When we all held on to him, and told him we love him dearly, he said I love you guys so much....and began to cry. The most painful part of the night, seeing him not be able to move, but watch a tear roll down his cheek. I caught it with my finger and told him "everything is going to be okay Travis, we are right here." He nodded his head, and squeezed my mom's hand harder. Travis, whether you remember this day or not, I wanted to write this for you, so you never in your whole entire life, forget that we are here, people all over are praying for your recovery, we love you dearly, and God has so much in store for you, you just wait and see my dear little brother! You mean more to me than you think, and I am not going anywhere until I absolutely have to. Thank you all who have prayed, thought of Travis, loved on him, sent gifts and food for us, and been there in any way for him. Travis, T-man...God, and all his children on earth love you, and you are going to do remarkable things with this part of your life now. May your angels continue to watch over you, keep you safe, and may you always know...YOU, my dearest brother, are loved!