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God gave us laughter


A blog about health and wellness, inside and out.


God gave us laughter

Alisha Meyer

As I woke at 6:30am to the florescent lights of the St Cloud Hospital, mom by my side, we both put our shoes on, rubbed our eyes, and walked to Travis's room. I don't remember so much sleeping, as I do waking to my mom leaving the waiting lounge to go to her baby's room to check on him. As any mother knows, seeing your baby go through something as traumatic as this, I can only understand her need to watch him through the night. 

As the sun came up this morning in the hospital, we slowly woke up, got our coffee down the hall, and waited patiently for Trav to wake up. As those blue eyes opened, he saw us there, and said "good morning." (tears are starting to come) We smiled as our hearts filled with joy to hear his voice once again. We, and many others, will never get sick of hearing his voice. I will forever be grateful to our Father for his surviving story. The prayers from all of you, have been felt, and we can't thank you enough for your conversations with God. 

The day was good, Trav worked with PT, and did very well. He did get dizzy when he started to stand and move side to side. He couldn't quite walk yet, so they put him back to bed to rest, and I could see it in his eyes he was tired. But later, he did it! He walked to the bathroom, and did awesome. His day was filled with friends and family coming to see him. Jimmy, Michele, and all the kids in our family were there. Our cousin Jordyn wanted to FaceTime with him, so Cole put the phone up to Travis' face to get ready...and that is when Trav saw his face for the first time. His reaction was disheartening. He said "oh my gosh, is that my face?" We reassured him by saying, Trav you look so good man, this really isn't that bad. He changed the subject by stating the the football game is on. I can only imagine the shock he must have been in, to see his face for the first time. Our hearts broke for him, but we knew it would get better, as would he. Depression is at a very high risk for him, and the prayer counselor told us that it is normal to go through the depression stage. But we are to encourage him to rise above it and move to the other stages of, what she called, life losses. He may experience all 5 of the grieving stages, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. We are reminded that this is good, and to let him go through those stages, but to only rise above each one, until he accepts it. By 5:30pm he was beat, and dad, myself, and everyone there knew it was getting close for us to pass out too. Dad and I left at 6:30pm for a night of restfulness. We will all need it to care for Trav in the months to come. I will be staying home for the week, to help mom, Marisa and dad out with Trav. Then I will fly out to North Carolina sometime around Friday. 

The week will never be enough time to help Trav recover, but I will never stop telling him every day that I love him, that he looks great, and he is so strong! I will be calling often, probably every day to check in on him while I am away. I know he can't wait for that :) I love you T-man, your my brother, and I will never let you forget how much God, myself, and so many other people LOVE YOU! YOU'RE DOING AMAZING!