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Home is where Travis is


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Home is where Travis is

Alisha Meyer

There are days when you wake and you actually feel that it is going to be a great day. That day was today. I knew after I said my prayers last night, God was so present in my bedroom (thank you Ed and Diane), that when I awoke, I felt at peace. I got ready for the first time in a few days, meaning I brushed my hair, put just enough makeup on to look alive, and dressed in clothes that made me look like I didn't just come out of bed. Peace. Peace is such a joyous state of being, and I was and am so grateful to feel peace again.

Trav did have low O2 stats during the night, and low hemoglobin, but that is expected after all the blood he lost from the accident, and both surgery's. Trav is most likely suffering from a sleep disorder, and we all believe a sleep study and a CPap would be great for him, so that is in the future conversations with him. Other than that, he was told that he would be discharged today as soon as all the doctors gave him the confirmation to go. He was discharged at 2pm, and all Trav could think about was home food, and his own environment that he loves so much! As we wheeled him out of the hospital, the emotions were so joyous. We left, and looked back at what we will forever remember, as the time we will praise God for forever!

The drive home was so wonderful, Trav was comfy in the front seat, and excited to go home. We got home, got him comfortable and fed him a home cooked meal from Michelle and April (my sister in law, and niece). They came early and cleaned and cooked for mom and dad, which my parents were so grateful to come home to that. Jimmy and Jake were outside shoveling the new snow we got while we were gone. It feels incredible to share this coming home time with my brother and family! Everyone, thank you for prayers for Trav again, and enjoy your home time, your family, and your healthy bodies! Love and peace to all of you!!