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A blog about health and wellness, inside and out.


2015, My Year in Review

Alisha Meyer

2015 was such a personal growth year for me. I began my road with entrepreneurship, and became a certified Health Coach through ACE. My husband and I were able to celebrate our first year of marriage together, and we went to the beautiful Falls Park in Sioux Falls, SD (which is where he proposed to me), and we had a lovely picnic together. The squirrels seemed to love us there too. Reflecting back on that, I realize how grateful I am for where I started in January, to where I finished in December. I grew as a leader, a coach, a woman, a Christian, a wife, and overall as a human being. We started to live a much cleaner life with food, household items, and my personal female cares (that is a blog post in and of itself!). From natural cleaning products, to natural body care products, we adapted throughout the year to a very holistic, and pure life. I’ll be the first to admit, it was a great learning experience, and I am so much healthier internally than I was a year ago. Getting physically cleaner in our home life, made me so much more healthy spiritually. I had no more mental fog because those terrible chemicals and toxins were eliminated from my life. The only one that is almost impossible to change is the environmental chemicals we are exposed to every day. We can do our best to recycle everything that we can, and help our environment, but we sadly will be surrounded by chemicals in our world. Whether it be from farmers, to chemically enhanced workplaces.

I have a great and dear friend, Nic Zahasky, who is a Paleo Chef, and lives a complete holistic life for his whole family. Seeing the life they live, and how healthy they are mentally, spiritually, and physically, only made me want to learn more. I will admit, when I first met Nic, he was extreme with how he lived his life, from homemade shampoo, to making his own deodorant. I remember talking to him at our Yoli conference last year for the first time, thinking to myself, “wow, this guy is serious, is he a hippie or Amish?”  Didn’t help that he was wearing a white shirt with black suspenders. He has been my motivator for a clean life. It takes time to change everything though, and it has taken me the full year to turn my world right side up. Man does it feel good! I couldn’t ever go back to the life I lived for so long. Why? Because I had multiple headaches a week, tiredness when working out or doing simple things, emotionally unstable, and had no control over my moods. I would wake up crabby, and work to prepare myself for the day and the mood of happiness was never stable. Why would anyone want to live that way?