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2016 is Here!

Alisha Meyer

2016 is here! We have all deliberated the idea of what do we want to become this year? Who do we want to be? Where do we want to go? What do we want to be remembered as? Are you the type of person who likes to make a New Year’s Resolution, or do you just tell yourself that this year is going to the best one yet? This year, and like most years, I don’t make one resolution, but set my mindset into productive mode. I tell myself this year is going to be special because….

This year is such a new adventure for my husband Zack and I, because he took a travel nursing position at DUKE Hospital in Durham, North Carolina! I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am to travel with him for what we believe will be a year! We are only in North Carolina for 13 weeks, and then we pack up and go to our next location of choice. Thinking Arizona doesn’t sound too bad. The deal is pretty remarkable, if you haven’t experienced this opportunity for yourself, or know someone who has, it is to good to pass up. The company Zack will be working for will be paying for our condo and all expenses the condo has, pay increase, paid travel expenses to get there, sign on bonus, and money towards groceries and getting settled when you first move down there. I mean!

I plan to enjoy life to it’s fullest while we are there together! Days filled with hiking, going for walks with our golden retriever Myla, the beach, blogging, journaling, possibly training for another Fitness Bikini Competition with a good friend, Sydney, and most importantly “working.” I say it like that because what I do, helping people, is hardly considered work. Oh, and you better believe I will be taking amazing pictures of our adventure together, and sharing with all of you! Let the memories begin 2016, I’m ready!