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Alisha Meyer

This weekend was supposed to be one of those weekends where you hardly had anytime to breathe. And then I get sick. I'm not talking sick like cough here, cough there. I'm talking about the -sleeping by your toilet with pillows and a blanket- kind of sick. I don't end up sick like this often, and when it happens, I do all the tricks to get better fast because this girl lives to busy of a life to be in bed more than one day.  It's the feeling of not even being able to make it to Hy-vee to get my favorite tummy drink, (Ginger Kombucha), so Zack went out in the freezing cold (like -3) to get some for me last night. The night has passed, the toilet is no longer my best friend, and today I feel a lot better. I had a big Yoli conference all day today that I am missing, but I know that the measures I'm taking now, will allow me to get well enough to be with my Yoli family tonight.
I also have to mention how incredible my family and friends are (I consider all of them family), in a time when I'm not feeling best. I had multiple text messages, and Facebook messages asking how I am feeling, and a call from my mom. <3 Thank you all so much for thinking of me.

This post is going to be short and sweet, mostly because I have soup right next to my bed stand waiting for me (thank you Tor! I love you!), and my Hulu show on pause, but also because I need to keep resting if I am going to be around people tonight. Be wonderful everyone, and stay healthy!

My health tricks for today:

-Oil diffuser going with Lemon, Lavender, and Ginger (Doterra oils)

-3 Ginger Kombucha's I'm working on getting down

-Heating pad for when the moment is right

-Chicken broth soup

-Love from all my family!

Stay healthy everyone, & keep loving!