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Alisha's Favorite Workout


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Alisha's Favorite Workout

Alisha Meyer

Well, looking back on my last blog post, it has almost been a whole month since I last logged something! So with you guys in mind, I am going to use this opportunity to share with you my FAVORITE workout! This will incorporate battle ropes, punching bag, weighted-balls and more. I can't wait for you to work hard at it today!

The Workout

Dynamic Stretching for Warm Up: Do each exercise 8 counts

-Roll shoulders

-Circle arms

-Cat pose & Cow pose

-Side lunge side to side

-Downward facing dog

Circuit 1 Battle Ropes: 4 x 15/20

  • Little
  • Wide
  • Windshield wipers
  • Circles
  • Figure 8
  • Plank w/ single arm little hit (both sides)

Circuit 2 The Box: 4 x 20

  • Medium jump box
  • Small jump box- Single leg jumps
  • Big box

Circuit 3 Punching Bag: 4 x 45 seconds - Through and rest for 30 seconds

  • Jab jab hook - both sides
  • Knee kicks - both legs
  • Ride the bike
  • Side kicks - both legs
  • Front punches (FAST)

Circuit 4 Ball: 4 x 20

  • Ball slams - squat to pick up
  • Over head through downs - squat to pick it up
  • Wall sits - overhead ball taps
  • Side wall toss - toss ball from side working abdominals
  • Squat pick up ball - toss it high on the wall (use 20-30 pound ball)

Cool Down

Stair Steppers for 5 minutes at speed of 6