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Thanksgiving Countdown


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Thanksgiving Countdown

Alisha Meyer

I am thrilled to announce the Thanksgiving Countdown is scheduled to start on November 7th, 2016. In order to maximize the value of this package for you, I am opening up 35 spots. Thanksgiving Countdown takes place online, through a very detailed and structured Facebook group lasting until November 23rd!

In my Thanksgiving Countdown, you will be given tasty and nutritious dishes, that you can use this Thanksgiving with the family. We will incorporate daily workouts, just because it will make you feel so much better, and give you that "ME TIME" we all need. This Thanksgiving you will have endless healthy recipes to chose from for the family. Each one will deliver delicious taste with nutritional value. You will receive one on one support, guidance, and feedback from me, and the other ladies in this EXCLUSIVE VIP Thanksgiving Countdown group.

Instead of feeling miserable after the fest has ended, let's learn how to feel full and satisfied with ENERGY! These delicious dishes will leave you wanting to play flag football with the family later!

No more Thanksgiving's with dry turkey, unseasoned stuffing, and store bought apple pie! This Thanksgiving you do it right!

We will work hard and accomplish a great deal. However, we will pause to have a lot of fun as well! You’ll leave the group with lifelong friendships and a clear direction and goals for your health. The Thanksgiving Countdown will take place in a secret Facebook Group, designed for you beautiful 35 ladies, on November 7th, 2016 and ending on November 23rd, 2016.

The cost for the VIP Coaching is $57.

If you reserve your place before November 3rd, AND sign up with a girl friend, you will receive a FREE canister of chocolate protein! The registration fee will cover all the Thanksgiving recipes given in this Exclusive VIP Thanksgiving Countdown Group, 13 days of personally designed workouts, and hundreds of dollars worth of coaching, challenge prizes and personal training.

The ladies who have attended my Coaching groups have seen tremendous return on their energy, and speak very highly of the value provided through the program. I look forward to mentoring you for Thanksgiving Countdown!

Thanksgiving Countdown will include:

  • Thanksgiving Countdown game-plan

  • Customized 13 day workout plan, each workout under 40 minutes

  • Education on how use nutritional ingredients in each tasty dish

  • E-Book towards a weekly meal plan guide

  • Paleo recipes

  • Daily check in and guidance through a Secret Facebook Group

  • Clear plan, guidance, and accountability

  • Friendships for a lifetime

  • Yoli product suggestions for added success