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5 Leg Moves + My Post Workout Jam


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5 Leg Moves + My Post Workout Jam

Alisha Meyer

Before any workout, I make sure to have a good amount of healthy fats in my tummy, that way I know I'll have the energy to make it through my tough workouts! A few choices have been tuna with an avocado, or Kefir and raw walnuts. DELICIOUS! Now that our tummies are full, lets dive into the workout!

Leg Move 1

Duck Walks forward and backwards: 20 forward, 20 backwards. 3 times through

Leg Move 2

Commando Squats with a Burpee Finish: 20 reps, 4 times through

Leg Move 3

Pistol Squats: Each leg 20, 4 times through

Leg Move 4

Weighted Ball Toss Up, with a Squat: 20 times, 4 times through

Leg Move 5

Weighted Ball Toss Over-Head with Squat: 30 times, 4 times through

Post Workout Jam

After I am dripping in sweat, legs are jello, arms are twitching with weakness....I love my Kombucha for a probiotic, good bacteria organic drink. I then either choose an RX Bar (today was blueberry), or a Larabar. Either one are simple ingredients, that have a good combination of carbohydrates, protein and just a bit of healthy fat. Other great choices are raw nuts, almond butter, or anything that is fresh, real and has protein and carbohydrates for energy and replenishing properties.