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What's the deal with love today


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What's the deal with love today

Alisha Meyer

Love, a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person ( Webster's dictionary). So, on a day that is meant for spreading love to one another, how much do you show it? This post could be like any other post on Valentines day, OR it could be different, it could be how I view Valentines Day. Yeah, it is definitely going to be how I view today.  

Love isn't meant to only be shared on one specific day. Roses shouldn't be double or even tripled in price on one day knowing that EVERYONE will get them, teddy bears shouldn't be the #1 thing a girl wants, and chocolate certainly shouldn't be given to woman one day a year. You see, Valentines Day is just, in my opinion, a great way for businesses to make a crap load of money off of (mostly men) people who are programmed into believing that TODAY is the day of love. Don't you think every day is the day of love? I sure do, and that is why Zack and I do not "celebrate" Valentines Day, we cherish each others love every day, without tangible gifts, but with words and affection.

Now before you go thinking I'm the worst, and most heartless woman on a day all about love, remember this: I'm not saying it's a bad holiday, I'm just saying it is blown way out of proportion. Come on, you have to agree somewhat, if not 100% with me. Now I know that all people show love in different ways, some gifts, some words of affirmation, some affection, some time, and some service (5 love languages). So make sure that if you celebrate Valentines Day, you know your partners' language. At least spend money or time on something they actually view as a loving gesture. Agree? Good.

If you are should probably go see "How to be Single" today with your friends or family. That movie (we saw last night) does a comical, and great job at showing how single life should be done, and that it takes skills if you are new to it. You didn't think I was going to tell you how to be single today, did you!!?? HAHA! I haven't been single in 7 years guys! I wouldn't know much about the single life.

Well, I want to end with a very serious, and positive note. Today is all about love, but please make every day all about love. Not just one day out of the year. Because when you FULLY love yourself, showing love to everyone around you becomes easy, and natural. So if anything today, show love towards YOURSELF! Once you wholeheartedly love yourself, every day will be Valentines Day, only cheaper ;)