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How do you know if you are successful?


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How do you know if you are successful?

Alisha Meyer

We live our whole lives internally asking ourselves, "am I doing what I love, am I capable of more?" I have lived my whole life wondering if what I was doing was worth it. You may ask, "who are you trying to please?" Answer-"God, and myself." And in that exact order, because pleasing God, will in return fulfill me.

Do you ever feel as if there is something missing inside of you, something that isn't filled yet? I have, and that is how I knew I needed to do something out of the ordinary. Most of you know and are familiar with me being very interested in health, but do you know how it all started? The story is very simple, my aunt Brenda was my role model from childhood and on, and her interests in health became mine. You see, all it takes is a role model that is passionate about something and you will want to follow in their footsteps. But in order to follow anyone, you need to trust them, believe in them, love them and what they stand for, and most importantly you need to want to be just like them. A leader.

Since that childhood moment with Brenda (seen above), I have had an inner passion to do something that I love; always. The next thing that I want to note to all reading this, is that if we want to be successful in anything that we do, we have to be attractive. I don't mean beautiful hair, nails, clothes, etc. I mean the real attractiveness, what and who you represent. This is going to be how you look on social media, at family get togethers, in person when you meet someone new, walking in public where anyone can see you, how you stand, smile, don't smile, how you walk, talk, how you react in times of trouble and judgement, and really anything "you" do. Is that stressful? At times yes, but if you are a true genuine person, these things should be easy for you to represent as a leader. If it is not, well my friends, that is where YOU need to start to become successful! Represent the role model you want to become, and always continue to become better!
Check out my Periscope from today on my Health & Wellness Coach page on Facebook (, to hear why I think Taylor Swift is a great role model for a lot of people, including myself. And those who are judging me that I chose Tay Tay, maybe do 5 minutes of research on her credibility to see how she is represented as a role model.

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