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Emotions that stop success

Alisha Meyer

A four letter word. We all have it. We all let it take over our life now and then, and we all need to learn how to handle it. FEAR. Fear is an emotion that is paralyzing, body shaking, adrenaline pumping emotion. Fear creates a lack of trust, hesitation, doubt, and procrastination. Sound familiar now? I know I fight this daily!

I had fear creep in when I was traveling to Durham, North Carolina, and fear when I began my periscope today -those are just a few moments of many-. Fear is in everyone's life, it just lasts longer for others. My fear over my plane ride was because I get motion sickness, and I was traveling alone on this trip. My fear for doing my periscope today, was because my last one had nasty people on there commenting harsh things. See the correlation, each fear had a previous experience that resulted in something negative, which lead to me creating a general perception of those situations as FEARFUL. This happens to everyone, we all experience situations that go badly, then leading to the next time we are to experience it, we fear it happening again, and can fight or flight. The best thing to do in these situations is to accept the emotion of fear, ask yourself what you are truly scared of, and then tell yourself this fear WON'T keep me from my success -fight-. Because even the success of getting through a situation you show fear towards, is a success. We need to FEEL the emotion of fear, that way we know what makes us doubt ourselves.  No one ever became successful without pushing through their fear, otherwise fear would have trapped them. Once you allow fear to trap you, other emotions sink in, like anger, sadness, procrastination, hate, and so much more. Don't let one negative emotion have power over your success.

Fight like a girl, fight like a guy...just fight. You owe it to YOURSELF to fight through all your demons, and succeed. I fought today, and I succeeded. It's the small victories that I cherish and appreciate because it always leads into growth, and growth is always my purpose in life. Grow my friends, and do it for yourself, others WILL begin to notice.