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How to manage balance in YOUR life


A blog about health and wellness, inside and out.


How to manage balance in YOUR life

Alisha Meyer

Hello friends! It's been awhile since I last wrote. As the days go on in North Carolina, we find ourselves all over the place. For example, we just got back from Sioux Falls, SD to visit our family and friends, as well as Zack picking up two shifts at his other hospital he works at. During the travel experience, I made sure we started out with healthy snacks like protein balls, celery, cucumbers, radishes, and bananas. As well as meal options like homemade breakfast bars, hard boiled organic eggs, and Kombucha for probiotics!  It was a great start to our trip. As we got to Sioux Falls, the eating out phase began, and we tried really hard to chose the best possible option on the menu, and most times we did a great job. However, as you all know, traveling makes it difficult. I got in 3 days out of the 7 of doing my workouts, but remained active the other days. And made sure we got our rest and stretching in when we got there. I would say the most difficult part of it all, was the long stretches in the car. I live a very active life, and so sitting for more than 2 hours, is difficult for me!

With all that being said, it was a FANTASTIC trip, filled with family walks, friends, games, and lots of catching up. Now being back home, I have the opportunity to get back into my every day routine of walks with Myla, hard and intense full body fitness plans I designed for the first week, to burn those loving fat cells I put on on the trip, and lots of GREENS and Whole Food groceries! Last night I just ordered a bunch of SALE priced organic items for cooking, and even FreshBreath doggie treats for Myla @ThriveMarket, I feel so great! This post is all about balance when life pulls you ever where! So remember my dear friends, it's okay to indulge, in fact it important for your sanity. Just pursue health every chance you get, and I promise you will live a fulling life of happiness!