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A blog about health and wellness, inside and out.



Alisha Meyer

As I sit here in my office, surrounded by white walls, windows open, cup of hot Passion to sip on, and calming music playing in the background...I look out the window wondering what I am going to write about today that will make you motivated, inspired, happy, or begin to pray. Do you ever feel that things in your personal life finally start to all make sense? Or that, your heart is full? I feel that right now, and I can't express how long I've waited to feel that. Peace.

My definition of peace is nothing I thought it was years ago. Let's take a stroll down memory lane for a second or two....peace used to mean to me that I would have my health, a nice country home decorated to my taste, fire going, husband sitting on the porch with me, and our children running around the yard. Now, seems as if I intended peace to be the happiness they show in the movies, and the magazines, right? 

My peace that I am experiencing now as I sit here, isn't anywhere close to that. I'm currently sitting next to my baby Myla (our golden retriever), in Durham, North Carolina as my husband Zack sleeps in the bedroom from an over night shift of work (he is a travel nurse). We do not have any children, nor live in a house. We are traveling the USA right now 13 weeks at a time, so we are in a one bedroom apartment with tall wood trees outside our windows. What I am getting at, is we have to be open to change, because it is with change that comes peace, and greatness. If I wasn't open to change, I would still be looking for my peace. So dear friends, be open, be at peace, and be in love with where you are because when you can accept where you are right now, true happiness begins to show.

Love & peace to you all