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New adventure coming


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New adventure coming

Alisha Meyer

Alright everyone, I know I haven't been very regular on here for my blog posts, however I have a really good reason! Well.....not really....I just don't make time to do it. I have come to terms with it though, because I've been filling my time with other life adventures. Like how Zack and I went on this INCREDIBLE 7 day trip around the Carolina's, and stopped out at the outer banks, Charleston (my favorite), Charlotte, and ended the trip in Asheville! It was filled with crab hunting, shooting guns, bow shooting, kayaking, bomb fires by the ocean, chasing wild horses (no harm, just the beautiful creatures running along side us on the ocean), site seeing all over, great food, new friends, teaching Myla to swim, bat caves, lots and lots of hiking at a few different mountains, and SO much more! So you see, there is a good reason why I haven't been blogging much!

We decided that we had to do that trip because we leave North Carolina in just 6 short days! We actually started to pack today. Our days have been filled with soaking all of NC in that we can, while we are here. Our next stop............Pella, Iowa!! We are going to be living with our best friends Sean, Miranda and their two little ones Carson and Cece! We have been getting SnapChat videos of Carson today saying how excited he is to see us, he has also been drawing pictures for us for when we arrive! How adorable! We are beyond excited and are truly grateful to have best friends that will take us in for 3 months! Let the new adventure begin in a VERY Dutch town! :)

So there you have it folks, a really quick update as to what is going on here with Zack, Myla and I! Hope all reading this are doing great things with your life, are happy, and are seeking fulfillment! Love you all, take care!