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A traveling Health Coach


A blog about health and wellness, inside and out.


A traveling Health Coach

Alisha Meyer

As I sit here, drinking my morning coffee, I wonder how will this day be more successful then yesterday? Since we have moved to Pella, Iowa I have pondered on how I can make this rotation successful in my business. It is always a challenge to start over in a new place, making relationships quickly, listening to their desires, hopes, dreams, and then approaching them in a humbling way about how I can help them. Being a health coach is a very personal career, people allow me into their life, in a very personal way. They become vulnerable, and trust that I will deliver what they are looking for. When they trust me, they begin to tell me things they struggle with emotionally, financially, and physically. They believe that I can help them with their struggles, and help them live a healthy and fulfilling life.

So how does one like me, who travels every three months, master that? I don't believe I have found the perfect way yet, or know if I ever will. But what I can say is that I will have to learn more about the community before I even begin to express what I do. All in all, people want to feel loved, cared about, and accepted for who they are, before they allow someone to change them. It's so important that I get involved with the public, the community, so I can learn how they act, what interests them, what resources they have to become healthy, and start to be accepted into their community. Once I understand who they are, and what they go through daily, that is when I can give them my best service.

I can't say it is easy to gain awareness of a community, and approach them with help, especially in three short months, but what I can say is that it is extremely exciting! Think about it, I get to learn about each community that I live in quickly, become accepted into what they know as normal, and then reach out to those who need my help! Wow, what a blessing! I look forward to learning more about Pella, Iowa, and becoming aware of everything I can do for this community while I am here!