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 Do you fight for purpose?


A blog about health and wellness, inside and out.


Do you fight for purpose?

Alisha Meyer

Well, once again I find myself catching up with life today. Blogging hasn't been feasible when we have been living in and out of our car these past few weeks! Let me explain, so you don't go assuming we are homeless, even though technically we are. Funny how I can type that and laugh. So our rotation in North Carolina is done as you know, and we have been moving none stop since then. As soon as we packed up, we drove all the way to Pella, Iowa to our friends to unpack, then quickly, and yet barely, slept through the night only to wake and repack, to travel to Minneapolis to see Zack's cousin Brian. Brian has been in and out of the ICU for heart problems. And we were so thankful to be able to see him!

As the day rapped up, we slept quickly yet again, at his cousin's and left almost right away in the morning for Sioux Falls. Zack worked a few shifts in Sioux Falls, and there again, we find ourselves traveling to Cottonwood for the weekend, where Myla got caught up on all her shots, and we spent some time with family. As Zack is in the garage cleaning out our car, (seriously, he is as happy as a child with a new toy when he cleans our cars) I get some quality time to catch up on something I love to do. Talk to you guys!

There is so much yet to be done this week; traveling, few meetings I have with potential clients, existing clients, friends to have coffee with, Zack has a few more shifts, and all before we travel back to Pella, Iowa where we will be for the next 3 months! PHEW! And you know what, I wouldn't trade this life for anyone's! I am able to manage my career as we travel anywhere, and I couldn't do that with an office job. I sometimes forget just HOW much I love what I do. i said sometimes. :) Then I'm reminded by my clients by their comments of "I can't believe how much energy I have!" or "I feel so great about what I'm doing for my future!" "I can't wait to fit into my wedding dress! I have so much determination!" Those are just a few of the people I am able to help see the deserving life they are meant to live! If you are reading this, and you wish you could have meaning, purpose, love, and a goal attained, then you're time in NOW! I can't express enough, how REAL health give such value to you as a woman, a man, a mother, a father! Whatever or whoever you live for, don't you believe they deserve the best you? Even more yet, don't YOU believe you deserve the best? I hope and pray you are nodding your head with agreement, because what is life without happiness and purpose? Truly you must agree. 

I can't even being to describe the woman I have become, since I decided that I matter, and that I deserve quality health, happiness, and a wonderful man to give me even more purpose. God designed Zack for me, and God designed my body for this! To show you that YOU are deserving, YOU should fight for happiness, and YOU are meant for something incredible in life if you allow it! Now is a better time than any time! Remember what makes you happy, and just do it! No excuse of "I'm to old for that" "I can't leave my hometown" or even "It's to late." those are examples not only of excuses, but fear. A four letter word that has to power to take away anything you want in life. Don't give FEAR power, give the power to your strength! Love you all, lets make happiness a goal, not money!