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They walk around us everyday, do you know?


A blog about health and wellness, inside and out.


They walk around us everyday, do you know?

Alisha Meyer

My fellow readers, this is going to be short and sweet. Not only because it is 10:00pm on a Sunday, but more so because I don't think that you need a ton of information as to why positive energy is important. Now, that doesn't mean it is easy to have, but it certainly means it is necessary. Yesterday, I had the pleasure to go to my annual conference in Des Moines for Yoli, and was fortunate enough to have my high school friend, Dana, come along. Now I haven't seen her since we graduated 9 years ago, and I could tell she was nervous, but I knew that this was were she was supposed to be. Not only because she trusted me, but also because she needed to be there. I could tell in her eyes, body language, and smile that she was lost. Not lost geographically, lost emotionally. She let me into her past since I last seen her, and all I can say is that she is sad, and needs something to live for again.

She used to be a very passionate, funny, athletic, and intelligent woman. That is not the Dana I saw yesterday, and that saddens me, but also makes me happy to know that she came to this event. I could tell throughout the whole entire event, her heart start to beat again (I think you know what I mean), her eyes watered up with tears, her hands clapped a little bit louder as the day went on, and her smile became more real. I know you guys may not know Dana, but I can just about guarantee you know someone LIKE Dana!

Don't you think that person (or persons) you are thinking of, deserve to smile harder, clap louder, cry more passionately, and even.....hug you more tightly? I want you to stop and think here, if you feel any inquisition to help that person FEEL happy again, than maybe you need Yoli too. With Yoli, I am able to help people that God calls me to help, I am able to hug people I haven't hugged in a very long time. And honestly, with Yoli I am able to bring them to something as positively powerful as the events, so they can hear the speakers, hear the testimonies, hear the people there that have done incredible things in their lives. And I don't think that type of feeling, that SPECIFIC type of feeling, can come from much other things. That's why I ask and hope so many of my loved ones, near and far, go to these Yoli events with me. And if all I have to do is get them there, then I will do whatever I can to do just that. Because I know there are may people like Dana who need to find their happy, confident, strong self again. Don't you? Thank you all for reading this, and keep a look out for those "Dana's." They need you.