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Your aging body


A blog about health and wellness, inside and out.


Your aging body

Alisha Meyer

Since you and I were born, we began to die. Morbid right? Not really. I've recently been reading the book "Longevity" by Cameron Diaz, and have been finding myself more and more in love with getting older. I highly recommend getting it, and learning how and why we need to love our aging bodies. The book goes into great cellular detail as to why our bodies age, and how.

As I have been driving for hours these past few days, I needed something to listen to besides the radio. Cameron's last book "The Body Book" was just as great, and informative. I've gained a lot of respect for her because she collaborates with multiple experts on each subject she talks about. Learning everything I've learned through the "Longevity" book so far, has made me truly rethink my concept of getting older. I am surrounded by people who express their anger, sadness, frustration, and shock as each birthday approaches, but in reality we should all STILL be celebrating each birthday as if it was our 21st birthday, only without the excessive amounts of alcohol. No matter if we are turning 27 this year (me) or if we are turning 60, each birthday is such a celebration of life! Our bodies do so much work, as expressed in the "Longevity" book, each day to develop, grow, strengthen, and thrive, that we should not cringe at the thought of another year, but thank our bodies for working hard, and growing!

My dear friends, this is yet again another way to love ourselves, and live a positive life. In all aspects of who we are, we need to learn constantly how to love ourselves, and appreciate who we are, the work it takes each day to wake up, and live a fulfilling life. God didn't make us to be negative, and hate ourselves. That is basically telling God we are upset with His work. The definition of growing is something that has grown or is growing. The definition of changing is to make or become different. Both are at different levels, important, and are good for us. But just make sure that you are always working towards a positive change or growth.