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Beautiful mornings lead to a beautiful day

Alisha Meyer

The first thing you hear in the morning is "time to get up beautiful," or something like that I suppose. Since being in Pella, Iowa, my morning alarm has been the glowing beauty of the sun. As it shines so brightly into our room, the warm tingle of it warms my cheeks as I open my eyes. Let's be honest, the next thing most people do is check Facebook, or Instagram to see the newest (but yet boring) news. Since being here, I instead start by saying a small prayer. It has been such a healthier way to wake up, and to be honest, it has made the start of my day even more meaningful and bright.

Pella is a very small town, I've expressed that before. However, because it is, Zack and I need to start finding hobbies again. When we were in North Carolina, we were entertained by everything there, and it was all right at our finger tips. Adjusting to this town has been somewhat of a challenge, but we have been finding things to do together. We really enjoy being outside with Myla throwing Frisbee, grilling, working out, small hiking trails, disc golf, golfing, going to a little coffee shop uptown, and going for walks together. It's almost like we have to teach ourselves how to live a simple life again. Even in Sioux Falls, we found a lot to do together, but Pella is like being in our home towns.

I for the longest time believed that the start of your day sets the tone for what lies ahead. So as I come into the kitchen every morning, I make myself three different drinks. I start out by mixing up my Passion, which gives me a fresh, ice cold drink filled with vitamins, minerals, and a tad of caffeine to start waking up. This also washes down my Yoli Alkalete supplements to balance out my PH levels in my body. Then I move on to my GREENS drink that I mix in with Yoli FUN. This drink supplies me with a full spectrum of alkalizing green super foods, antioxidant rich fruits, and support herbs unite with Acai and Maca to provide a powerful dose of whole food nutrition. As I enjoy my GREENS, I wash down the rest of my morning supplements, Yoli Omega's, Yoli Flex, Yoli Vitamins and Minerals, and Yoli Pure. And lastly, but ever so important, I finish with Yoli YES Shake mixed with almond milk, that provides essential amino acids, enhances muscle development and maintenance, supports healthy weight loss, and glutathione production.

 Just a few of my morning drinks

Just a few of my morning drinks

As I enjoy these beautiful healthy liquids, I step outside in the morning sun as I throw Myla's Frisbee. I used to never be a morning person, but it turns out I was just doing it all wrong. Each morning is a gift from God, why not appreciate it, no matter what!