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Alisha Meyer

Remember years ago when our Ph. Ed teacher made us do specific stretches to test out our flexibility? I do! I loved the challenge to get just a little bit further than the person ahead of me on the "sit and touch your toes" box. Remember those things!? Well, as you may have guessed, stretching has updated to a more realistic approach.

Think about this, when you workout... doing squats for example, what do you do? What motion do you use? A "booty out" & "chest up" motion right? So wouldn't it make sense to warm up by actually doing a squatting motion? YES! That is called "Dynamic Stretching" and it is very effective to decrease injuries, and warming up the body. It is ideal prior to exercise to prepare the joints for movement and muscles for optimal activation.

I started doing this form of stretching months ago, and I've notice I'm more flexible, and more warmed up for my workout. I also noticed that during my workout, I feel stronger, and am able to do more than if I were to do static stretching. Static stretching is sustained stretches that are designed to hold a position for a joint or a muscle that is minimally challenging.

Here is a great video that is motivating and will get your body warmed up for the workout you are about to embark on! Remember, there are many elements to becoming healthy and staying healthy, so make sure you follow along as I teach you about the different elements to proper health! If you are interested in learning more about how I coach, CLICK HERE for my VIP Coaching!