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5 Easy Exercises at Home


A blog about health and wellness, inside and out.


5 Easy Exercises at Home

Alisha Meyer

Hey beautiful, yeah you! Let me ask you this, did you give today your all? Did you open your eyes this morning and thank God for what is ahead of you; for your health, for your spouse, your kids or pet? Did you sing praises to the LORD for who you are? I sure hope so, if not maybe try it tomorrow and watch how the day is just....smoother! Alright, the day went on, you got ready, brushed your teeth, had breakfast and either drove to work, or got ready for your day at home. How long did that joy last, an hour because someone cut you off in traffic, 30 minutes because you forgot your coffee, or even 15 minutes because as you had to have a cold shower? How long did it take you to find your happy place again, and what did you do to find it back? Take a few minutes to ponder on this, I'll wait.

Did you figure it out? GREAT! So now try this, tomorrow when you open your eyes, send a praise to our LORD about anything that you are thankful for, and instead of getting upset over the cold shower, lack of coffee, or bad drivers, just remember that joyous place in your mind and heart and hold on to that. It could be the health of your kids, the kiss your husband left on you as he left, the compliment your friend last said to you, or simply the fact that you are healthy, have goals, and most importantly have Christ in your life. Whatever it may be, it is worth thinking about all day long to remain happy.

Now I understand, we have moments we just have to blow off steam, cry, punch our trainer at the gym a little harder, or eat that chocolate we always say no to, but what I am saying is don't let things that are out of your control, control your happiness. With all that being said, do you know what makes me happy? You guessed it, exercise! So, because I love you so much, and care so much about your happiness, I'm going to give you 5 easy exercises to do tonight for YOUR happy place!

5 Easy Exercises for your Happiness:

**We will target each general part of the body tonight- legs, butt, abs, chest, and arms.

**NOTE- Go until you can no longer do one properly, then repeat for a total of 4 sets.

1. (LEGS) Narrow stance squat:

2. (Butt) Alternating Leg Extensions: *On all fours and extend leg up and squeeze butt at top

3. (Abs) Plank with Shoulder Tap:

4. (Chest) Dolphin Push-ups: *Plank on forearms and then raise butt in air; Repeat

5. (Arms) Plank with Alternating Forearm Lowered to Ground