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Life back in SD + Probiotics + Workout


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Life back in SD + Probiotics + Workout

Alisha Meyer

Well, it has been some time since I have posted a blog for you all. I apologize, but life hasn't been very "chill" lately. As we finished up our traveling 2016 in Washington, and trucked it back home to Minnesota/South Dakota, we moved into a home and if any of you have done this recently, you understand that it is WORK! Hanging photos up just right, getting the right furniture (since we sold all of ours before we moved), oh, and getting ALL the groceries (I'm talking everything people, we came back home with clothes on our back and a few other clothes. Then you have the process of switching your address, getting internet, finding a job, and whatever else needs to be done when you "start over" in a way. Now, don't take all this the wrong way of course, we wouldn't have changed any of it for anything!!

Oh yeah, the job part....I'm a manager at a kickboxing studio in Sioux Falls now, (Come on in for a free workout everyone!) It's called 9Round. It's been busy getting back in to a "job" full time, but I am thankful to have it. I also CAN'T forget to mention that my adorable husband, packed all our stuff into the trailer at home, unloaded it into the house, AND unpacked ALL the boxes while I was away at work! CAN WE ALL GIVE HIM A HUGE HUG AND CLAP!?? Oh yes, I cried when I came home to a more put together house.


These little guys are by far, hands down, without a doubt a game changer in anyone's health journey! Without probiotics, our guts are capable of becoming leaky, or damaged. These little guys work even when you "think" you can't feel them. They help us go to the bathroom regularly. They also save you from becoming sick! I suggest PURE from Yoli to all my clients, even people in passing! If you are not on a probiotic, or you ARE but need to double check to make sure it is a GOOD one, please click on PURE to compare or educate yourself more on probiotics and the ENORMOUS benefits they have on us!

Workout - Bootay & Legs

Dynamic stretching for a warm up

.5 mile jog

C1 3x15


Hip ups with weight

Walking lunges with weight

Resistance band on ankles, leg extentions

Resistance band on thighs, side shuffle (GET LOW)

C2 4x15

Weighted squat

Squat pulse 45 seconds

Squat jumps wide to narrow

Lunge hops

C3 5x10

Wall sits alternating leg kicks, Resistance band on thighs

Ball toss on wall, with squat

On the wall mountain climbers

Bear crawl

If this was a KILLER workout, and you want more, go over to my SHOP for FULL 4, 6 and 8 weeks of more killer workouts!!

Thank you for checking this out!!