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Health + Pregnancy


A blog about health and wellness, inside and out.


Health + Pregnancy

Alisha Meyer

First thing first, putting energy towards this passion of mine; health coaching and fitness, has been the biggest challenge! From 1st trimester exhaustion, to 2nd trimester life changes AND body changes, I can honestly say I have had little time to put towards this business. For that, I want to tell all of you I'm so sorry. Sorry because I KNOW a lot of my followers enjoy my tips and workouts. It really does make me sad that I haven't given time to you all....HOWEVER, this baby is SUCH a blessing for Zack and I, and one thing is certain; I was meant to be a mother. So until I got my body figured out, I needed to take a small break from Inside-Out.

Now that I have helped you guys better understand where I have been this year, I want to express my NEW path with you all! My coaching is going to be focused a lot on a healthy pregnancy, healthy fitness routines, and the emotional health we all must embark on, pregnant or not.

As some of you know, I have transformed my lifestyle nutritionally over 2 years ago. I went full Paleo, with a few times of cheating because HEY I'm only human. Since then, I finally have normal periods, less mood swings, sleeping so much better, emotionally happier, mental clarity, been able to gain and hold muscle, lost fat I've held on to since my teen years, and learned a million unfortunate things about our food industry. Now, my body is at it's prime, and is able to hold a child in a very healthy way. Becoming pregnant, wasn't easy however! Zack and I tried for over 2.5 years on and off, even as I was Paleo. I guess my body was still adjusting from all the years of putting in preservatives, and false foods. Goes to show all of your how bad it is for us! It causes our normal body functions, to become damaged.

As the day approached that I was late, been spotting a few times, and emotional, I told Zack to grab a pregnancy test on his way home from work (he just got off working the night shift). Once I did what I had to do, it quickly turned "pregnant," which has never happened in the past. What I mean is every test I've taken, took forEVER to turn...negative. When I saw the "pregnant" line, I slowly felt the tears come down my cheek, and walked slowly to Zack, (who was waiting outside the door) and said "Babe, we're pregnant!" We hugged tighter than ever before, and cried together. It was the best blessing of our year, AND perfect timing because we were leaving Seattle to go home.

18 weeks later, here we are, both working full time, new home, new car, new friends, old friends, family close, busy lives, and new body adjustments. And you know what my friends, I wouldn't have it any other way! These 18 weeks have flown by, and the emotions are high! My body is beautifully adjusting, and I am feeling great!

 This is 15 weeks!

This is 15 weeks!

I can't wait to guide my fellow health seekers (YOU) into great health, pregnant or not, and I just can't wait to share my journey with you all as we bring new life into this world! God is good, and I'm forever grateful for Baby Meyer! Thank you for reading, and for understanding as I have been adapting towards this beautiful life growing inside of me. I'm working on having a Paleo pregnancy about 70% of the time, and the other are healthy options that are not considered Paleo, (i.e organic whole grains, dairy, and small amount of beans and legumes). And friends, let me be real with you, I allow a few cheats here and there because baby cravings ARE NO JOKE!


Mamma Meyer!