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5 Prenatal Moves - 23 weeks pregnant


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5 Prenatal Moves - 23 weeks pregnant

Alisha Meyer

Do you guys remember when I launched my idea of creating a pregnancy fitness program?! Well, it's in full swing, and the long hours ahead of me are going to be exhausting, but worth every minute just so I can give you mamma's exactly what you need to hold onto a healthy body during and after baby! This will be easy to follow workout videos that can be done in under 30 minutes! As I am beginning to quickly realize, time is more valuable than ever before, so I want to create this program with that in mind and still giving you mamma's excellent content.

I met with my mastermind group this morning to go over my project issues, and we came up with great ideas that led me back into filming videos for the workouts, instead of photos. I am working to get sponsored by a studio in town for the background, and partner with a talented college student that works well in videography and film editing. Big meetings are approaching for the weeks to follow, to discuss the curriculum and process, so that I can get this done (hopefully) before baby arrives. 

I also have a BIG sneak peak into what is to come in the VERY NEAR future for mammas all over! I am partnering with a few talented individuals to create an amazing Mother's Day Basket for a lucky mamma! This will include a huge photography package, 2 16 x 20 canvas, fitness routine, massage gift certificate, and $35 worth of LulaRoe Clothes! More details are leaking out next week, so stay tuned into that on my INSTAGRAM HERE so you don't miss out on that opportunity!

I'm all about moving our bodies throughout the day, so here are 5 moves to get in today, that will be sure to make you sweat and tone up our bodies!

25 of each

3/4 x through


-Squat Jumps


-Plank Jacks


-Side Shuffle (Resistance Band on Thighs) -- 25 each leg


-Side Bear Crawl -- 25 each way down and back


-Wall Sits (Resistance Band on ankles) -- Tap toes side to side


**Make sure to hydrate and take your rest after each move is completed through. Your rest should be about 30-45 seconds long.