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My first Mommie-to-be Day


A blog about health and wellness, inside and out.


My first Mommie-to-be Day

Alisha Meyer

To all the mothers who give up their time, energy, money, body, and so much more for the children of God, may your day be filled with smiles, love, relaxation and praise!

For so long I've known motherhood would be apart of my life, but I never thought it would be at this point in my life. I always thought it would be much earlier. It's funny how we plan so much in our lives, all the while knowing it will only happen in God's timing.

The feeling I feel of you baby inside of me, is very uplifting and perfect. I've always wanted to be a healthy mother and nourish my little nugget to the fullest of my potential but what I've realized is the calming emotions I've experienced BECAUSE I'm nourished and healthy. I get the question lately of "Are you ready?" It is such a easy answer, YES! My response is so immediate. Sure, if complication arise, I can't be ready for that, no one can. I honor God's plan for this pregnancy, and accept all that is to come.

How far along:  27 weeks + 2 days

My bump: 

My bump has grown at an alarming rate! For such a slow starter the baby has really caught over time.

Every time I was examined by my doctor she said I am in great health, and baby is very active.

Out next appointment is for our glucose test, which will take 2/3 hours. My doctor isn't worried about me, however she has been surprised by some women when they come back with GD. I'm positive about it all.

Stretch marks? Still none! I am really good about putting a layer of oils on after showers.

Sleep: Sleep isn't bad, I'm getting used to side sleeping. My husband bought me a body pillow, which helps with the positioning.

Symptoms: Tiredness and shortness of breath, and a few Braxton Hicks.

Miss anything? Sleeping on my back.

Maternity clothes: Still no. 

Gender: Still unknown.

Belly button in/out: Out!!

Wedding Rings on/off: On!

Mood: Really excited now! The 3rd trimester is here, and I am loving being pregnant. I just created my birth plan today, (Mother's Day) and I feel even more comfortable with everything now that that is done. I do understand that it usually doesn't go according to plan, but glad I have one accomplished.