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A Pregnant Body


A blog about health and wellness, inside and out.


A Pregnant Body

Alisha Meyer


Ladies! Those who are pregnant, heck, even those who are not, we are all looked at on how we look. But let me just talk about the pregnant body for a second...

I can honestly say that on a daily basis I get the commit "how far along are you?" so I tell them, and their response.... "Oh wow, you are so tiny, I can barely tell!" Now, most people would assume that that is a compliment, since society makes it very clear being "thin" is attractive. However, I want to address that being "thin" while pregnant is not the word I would use, haha! I also want to express that all pregnant bodies are SO different, and the main thing is to be HEALTHY! It has always been my dream and goal to be a healthy pregnant woman, and since becoming pregnant I FEEL healthy, FEEL beautiful, and FEEL great! So THAT, is the way I look; healthy! Trust me, Baby Meyer moves all day long reminding me that he/she is there!

Now, I appreciate all the compliments I receive, but I just want to express how healthy trumps size EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

I follow a ton of pregnant mamma's on Instagram and we are all different shapes and sizes, and it is a beautiful world that I am so honored to be apart of! So on behalf of ALL mothers out there, treat your bodies with love, with health, with respect, and you will be rewarded with a healthy bundle of joy at the end of it! <3

I also want you all to keep your bodies moving throughout pregnancy, don't get sedimentary and sit on the couch just because you are home from work and are tired. Now, I GET the tired feeling, I do, BUT you are partially tired because you are not moving! I'm talking about just getting outside for fresh air and a walk, or do a home yoga video on YouTube! I just posted my newest and (first) workout video for mamma's (in fact everyone) to do tonight! It can be done in under 25 minutes, and let's be real, that is what we all want! So enjoy some blood flow, and get outside!

To Mamma's everywhere ---- MOVE. LOVE. HEALTH.