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31 weeks + Killer Full body Workout


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31 weeks + Killer Full body Workout

Alisha Meyer

Baby baby! This little lobster of ours does not let me forget it is in there! It is doing somersaults, causing more acid reflux, leg cramps, and growing like crazy! We just got back from our baby appointment, and it is extremely healthy and the doctor said because I have been active through the whole pregnancy, it will be an easier recovery and healthy baby. I want to note here, that not every women can remain active during her pregnancy, whether that be because of exhaustion, or morning sickness. However, if you can, DO! I will list my updates on my pregnancy below, and then share a GREAT workout to do today!

Stretch marks? Still none. I'm now putting on my oils and lotion after each shower. Both on my inner and outer hips, belly and breast. 

Sleep: Sleep isn't bad. I stay extra hydrated because of my recent increase in leg cramps. I choose Yoli's FUN drink, which is hydration at it's finest! I've been doing Barre 6x's a week now, to keep myself active, but at a low intensity. If any of you have done Barre, you know how much calf work is done! I believe that is a huge reason why I'm experiencing those pains! However, it has helped a ton with my sciatica nerve pain. It's a give and take for pain in 3rd trimester I guess. 

Symptoms: Still tired by 8pm and experiencing more shortness of breath. I have to remind myself to take breaks and sit at work more than usual. I'm also seeing the "joys" of summer pregnancy with this heat! It's been in the 90's for the past week, and I've been wearing dresses EVERY DAY. My bathroom breaks have been roughly every 30 minutes! Way more than my 1st trimester even. I can actually feel our baby's body parts if I push hard enough on my tummy. Very magical, yet odd experience to feel a head, or a leg through my tummy! Zack got to feel our baby go in somersaults last night, and he had the biggest smile on his face; made my heart melt!

Miss anything? Sleeping on my back and having energy, and having normal cravings. I have a hard time finding foods I want to eat. Either because nothing sounds good at lunch time, or because I have another headache.

Maternity clothes: Still no. HOWEVER I am wearing Zack's clothes after work every night. Basketball shorts, and his T-Shirts are amazing comfort.

Gender: Still unknown. 

Belly button in/out: Out!

Wedding Rings on/off: On!

Mood: Really excited now! We are waiting for our first baby shower next week to really start decorating the baby's room. That has been a challenge to not buy everything I see on Pinterest and Instagram. There are some incredible mommie bloggers out there, with great ideas. My Instagram is full of mommies now, whereas it used to be filled with fitness. Funny how when life changes, so does your Instagram (laughing). 

Guilty Pleasures: Excited to get my hair done in two weeks! I really enjoy being outside as much as I can, since I work indoors. However, with this heat, I can't take Myla on her normal walks, she would overheat and it just isn't safe for her to be out in that heat for long. We do go out back of our house to throw the frisbee for her. Speaking of Myla, she has been EXTRA attached to me, the bigger I get. It is super adorable, and we just know she will be a great big sister!

Killer Full Body Workout

Perform each exercise 1x for 15 repetitions

Weighted squat jumps

Jog .5 miles

Pushups or dolphin pushups

Jog .5 miles

Perform each exercise 2x for 15 repetitions

Lunges (each leg)

50 squats as fast as possible with perfect form

Perform each exercise 3x for 50 repetitions as fast as possible

Jump rope

High knees

Double shuffle, touch ground, back to start REPEAT. That's one repetition