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30 week bump update + Pregnancy fitness program update


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30 week bump update + Pregnancy fitness program update

Alisha Meyer

Well, if my body hasn't gone through enough changes, leading into my 30 weeks of pregnancy has caused a multitude of them! 

How far along:  30 weeks + 2 days 

My bump: 

My bump has grown at an alarming rate! For such a slow starter the baby has really caught over time. 

Stretch marks? Still none. I'm really good at layering my oils on my inner and outer hips, belly and breast. 

Sleep: Sleep isn't bad, but last night I had TERRIBLE cramps in my calves.  Woke up with extreme pain and my amazing hubby rubbed it as it came and went for about 20 minutes. He also got my heating pad out, and a huge glass of Yoli's FUN drink, which is hydration at it's finest! I've been doing Barre 6x's a week now, to keep myself active, but at a low intensity. If any of you have done Barre, you know how much calf work is done! I believe that is a huge reason why I'm experiencing those pains! However, it has helped a ton with my sciatica nerve pain. It's a give and take for pain in 3rd trimester I guess. 

Symptoms: Way more tired than I have been and shortness of breath. I have to remind myself to take breaks and sit at work more than usual. I'm also seeing the "joys" of summer pregnancy with this heat! It's been in the 90's for the past week, and I've been wearing dresses EVERY DAY, to keep cool. 

Miss anything? Sleeping on my back and having energy!

Maternity clothes: Still no. 

Gender: Still unknown. 

Belly button in/out: Out!

Wedding Rings on/off: On!

Mood: Really excited now! Since we are not finding out our baby's gender, it is really hard to not start decorating the nursery. We are waiting for our first baby shower in a few weeks, to really start decorating the baby's room. That has been a challenge to not buy everything I see on Pinterest and Instagram. There are some incredible mommie bloggers out there, with great ideas. My Instagram is full of mommies now, whereas it used to be filled with fitness women. Funny how when life changes, so does your Instagram (laughing). 

Guilty Pleasures: I am so excited to use my day off tomorrow (currently working 6 days a week) to work on my pregnancy fitness program, AND GET MY NAILS DONE! I am also going to be seeing my Chiro a bit more these last few months since my hips are moving way more. I really enjoy being outside as much as I can, since I work indoors. 


Obviously I still haven't found a great name for this 1st trimester program, but not to worried about that. It is currently created in full, however now my June will be dedicated to editing the crap out of it for you guys! It will be a colorful, and easy to follow booklet you will be able to download and print. I am BEYOND excited for it to launch in July!