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36 weeks + Leg workout


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36 weeks + Leg workout

Alisha Meyer

Today marks Zack and my 3rd wedding anniversary! We had our best friends surprise us last night, and have the whole day off together. I couldn't think of a better way to enjoy our 3rd year of marriage together. Another great way to celebrate our wedding anniversary is to gift you guys with a GREAT & POWERFUL leg and bum workout! Check it out lovies!

leg/lower body Workout

Do each move for 20 repetitions, 3 times through

move 1: Wide squat with side leg kick - add a resistance band for added challenge

move 2: Hip up thrusts

move 3: Double lunge to a 10 meter sprint

move 4: Jumping jack to a burpee

move 5: Double shuffle in place to a double butt kick (work for SPEED on this move)


Let me know how you like the workout lovies! Hope you enjoy your Wednesday Workout!!



Mama Meyer