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Emrey Rainier - Birth Story


A blog about health and wellness, inside and out.


Emrey Rainier - Birth Story

Alisha Meyer

It has been a blur this past week since we welcomed our little baby girl into the world. I was in no hurry to write out this birth story. As you may have guessed, I really needed to heal as well as cuddle the crap outta our sweet little lobster we've been waiting so long for! So let me begin this story by telling you, I thought I've heard it all and was prepared for some things I'll share did come to a bit of a surprise for me (and Zack) but with the Doula we had, we were able to get through everything! Janean is an angel, and she WILL be our doula for all of our children! PERIOD!

Originally we were scheduled for an induction for Saturday the 19th of August because I was overdue. We prayed it wouldn't come to that because we planned for our baby to come on it's own time. It felt like the days just drug on and no matter what I did, nothing was working. I did it all, WALKED, bounced on my yoga ball, sex, raspberry tea, spicy food, sniffed oregano, essential oils, squats, warm bath, and really it felt like anything anyone ever told me to try; I did!

Once Friday came along, I just let go of all those recommendations and went shopping for some DIY projects around the house....and around 3pm I felt a contraction. However, this wasn't the first one, so I kept on with my day as normal....until 7:30 pm they were becoming more regular. From 7:30-8pm they were getting a tad more intense, so I messaged Janean and told her. She told me to start timing them and keep her updated. Zack was informed and because we have had irregular contractions in the past, he also went about his night as normal; helping me with my DIY projects, and even went over to our neighbors house to watch some football. As he was gone, I was breathing through my contractions until they were getting pretty close. I called Zack and told him, and he was on his way home. We called in to the hospital and the nurse told us to labor at home as long as we could, and when we thought we needed to come in, give them a call and come on in. I lasted at home until midnight. We went for a walk around the block with Myla one last time before we went in, and I could no longer take it, we needed to go in.

As we drove to the hospital, we both were holding each others hand and preparing ourselves for what was to come.

We entered in through the ER, (after hours) and I was wheeled off to our laboring room. Janean met us there, we got hooked up to the monitors, and prepared for (what was going to be a long labor) the night ahead. My birth plan was to go all natural. Janean seriously was a God send, she reminded me continuously how to breath deeply, remain calm, and relax once the contraction was completed. I'm telling you guys, it is necessary to have a doula if you are doing it all natural, or if this is your first kid. Not only for you, but for your husband! He was so thankful for her, he was able to enjoy the moments, and not worry about how to care for me (because they really don't know what to do). Zack was also able to remain calm, and be present.

------SIDE NOTE---- This has taken double the time to write this because I've had to take a break and feed her and change her diaper and wipe her cute little butt! -- add in emoji with heart eyes!

I'll tell you guys this now, doing an all natural birth is do able, I thought I could do the whole thing without medications and/or epidural. Jenean kept me rotating in the bed, as well as getting in the bathtub with lavender oil. The tub, was. the. best. thing. EVER! My body was able to relax in between contractions, and even during contractions, it was more tolerable than any position outside the tub.

Around 4pm, the nurse came in to check me again.....I was only at a 4.5! My whole demeanor was calm and collected....but once I heard I was only at a 4.5, my body mentally started to shut down. I was shaking uncontrollably in my legs and upper limbs, my contractions grew that much MORE intense, and I could feel my mind pool in with negative thoughts "I can't do this any longer" "I need to do something so I can dilate more."

Now, Zack and Janean will tell you this, because I have no recollection of what I said, but it goes something like this:

I layed in bed on my left side, holding Janean's hand, when I said "Guys, I need to speak."

Both: "What do you have to say" with a giggle in their voice, because I haven't said one word since I was checked in to the hospital.

Me: "I want the epidural"

Janean: "are you sure hunni, we planned this to be all natural and for me to try and talk you out of it if you decided to have an epidural"

Me: "I need it, I've done my research, I want it now"

Zack & Janean: "ok, we will get the doctor in"

From there, again, such a blur. I was told I could get in the bath tub until the anesthesiologist could come. I asked how long that would be, and it was anywhere from 30-45 minutes away yet. Again my mind was disappointed that I needed to work through that many more contractions until I could feel at ease. So I got in the bath, even on the way to the tub, I had 3 very strong, very painful contractions. Zack told me he had no idea I was even in that type of pain, because I remained so calm this whole time.

I do not regret for one second on my decision for an epidural. I knew I was in good hands, and I was very proud of myself for laboring naturally for 10 hours! It's a good thing I did get that epidural, because I had ANOTHER 10 hours to go.

I scribbled my name on the consent form, and held onto Janean as he preformed my epidural. I didn't feel a thing, he did AMAZING! The only thing I felt was another contraction during the mist of the epidural. After my epidural sunk in, I was able to ENJOY my labor, and I was able to finally talk to Zack, Janean and my nurse. I was able to open my eyes for the first time, and rest and relax for what was to come; pushing.

Even though I was relaxed, and progressing, the doctor still wanted to push things along, so they broke my water at 7am. Contractions were becoming very consistent, yet there were still long gaps in between that they wanted to fill with contractions. So I was given petocin, and yes, from there on out I was very consistent with contraction being every 2 minutes. Thank goodness!

Around 2pm, I was checked......I was a 9.5/10!!!!! It was time!!!! Janean goes, "Alisha, sweetie, we can begin to lightly push, and work our way into home stretch! Mentally, I was MORE than ready for this! Zack came over, and held my other hand while we all worked together to bring our little one into this world!

After an hour and a half of pushing through each contraction (which by the way feels amazing to push through that pain; it's weird, it's actually addicting to push during the pain) it led to what was the best feeling I've ever felt....SHE came out! As they laid her on my chest, I lost it! Zack lost it! Janean lost it! Even my doctors lost it! Couldn't stop the tears, none of us could. But as she laid on my chest, I lost all feeling, all memories of the pain, and just cried with Zack. He cut her cord, and we held onto her like it was our world, because she was.


I will end with this: after about an hour and a half of her on my skin, we were told we could breastfeed. She was a natural, she latched on right away and began what was to be the best bonding experience her and I could/will ever experience. Zack walked out to the waiting room to our moms, and my dad and as he walked out, he began to cry again, and told them "We have a baby!" We kept her gender a secret until they came into the room and saw her. The rest of the day was spent with family and friends, and lots and LOTS of healing!

20 hours later, Miss Emrey Rainier Meyer was born, 8 pounds 1 oz, 20.5'' long, and healthy!

 photography done by: Sara Elizabeth Morgans

photography done by: Sara Elizabeth Morgans

 photography done by: Sara Elizabeth Morgans

photography done by: Sara Elizabeth Morgans