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39 Weeks + Prenatal Workout


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39 Weeks + Prenatal Workout

Alisha Meyer

I am really enjoying my new work schedule, with weekends off. I am working up to the day I deliver, and the guys at work are very supportive of me still working. That means, anything I lift, they strictly say "Al, should you be lifting that!?" The cute thing is, it will only be an empty box...

Oh, and friends, since Zack and I have been getting the nursery put together, I find myself in there just sitting in the rocker, either saying a prayer, or thinking of the day I get to hold my sweet little thing. I love every minute of this pregnancy, and now it simply comes down to the waiting game.

I want to share with you all my favorite prenatal workout!

Prenatal Workout

Warm up:

3 deep breaths

5 roll shoulders fwd/bwd

40 wide squats

30 lunges each leg


***We will be focusing on 1 minute of each move

***Go through 3-5 x through

1 minute wide squats

1 minute lunges each leg

1 minute side lunge side -to- side

1 minute tippy toe hold squat - pulse 1 inch up and down

1 minute single leg squat - each

1 minute incline plank with tiny pushups - basically tiny bends in the elbows up & down

1 minute wide squat with alternating side leg kicks

1 minute on all 4's - alternating leg & arm raise to a crunch